Jana Natya Manch

The Freedom Jatha

  1. Watch a 4-minute video where Ram Rahman, Sanjna Kapoor, Anurupa Roy, Neel Chaudhuri, Samah Mahmood and Sudhanva Deshpande speak about the upcoming collaboration here.

  2. Here are three short videos (1 minute or less) of statements by students of The Freedom Theatre on the upcoming India tour, and what it means to them. Watch Ihab, Ameer, Samah.

  3. Juliano Mer Khamis, one of the founders of The Freedom Theatre, speaks about cultural resistance in this 8-minute video. He was shot dead outside the theatre in April 2011.

  4. In July 2011, barely months after the killing of Juliano Mer Khamis, The Freedom Theatre was attacked by the Israeli army. Watch a 3-minute video here.

  5. Students of the Delhi College of Art pay a cinematic tribute to Safdar Hashmi in this 6-minute film here.