Jana Natya Manch
Theatre Festivals
1. Halla-Bol – A Festival of Worker-Performers 2014

Theatre Festivals

For Palestine-Freedom Jatha




To know more about the Halla-Bol Festival see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3tcv4crOFw


2. Sarkash – Festival of Alternatives 2011

noun a rebel, a person who resists control
adjective rebellious, defiant
usage 'mere sarkash tarane sun ke duniya ye samajhti hai / ke shayad mere dil ko ishq ke nagmoo.n se nafrat hai....
Sahir Ludhianvi

SARKASH brought together some of India's best-known performers for eight exhilirating days in Mumbai. The venue was Prithvi Theare in Juhu, India's premier performance venue. SARKASH was a fund-raising festival for Janam to set up an alternative theatre space in Delhi.

SARKASH showcased Street: Theatre, an exhibition and sale of vintage photographs from the Archives of Jana Natya Manch. Considered as key collectibles for Indian performance history, these photographs draw from the early days of Janam's work in the early 1980s which steered and shaped modern street theatre in India.

SARKASH was a composite of sangeet (music), rang (theatre), kala (art) and shabd (word).

SARKASH is the power of art, the audacity of a dream.

To more about the Festival see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSsgWOIVeio

To know more Click here: http://www.sarkash.in/