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The GPD Under 50 Talks started in 2014 is a series of talks by artists, intellectuals and activists in memory of G.P. Deshpande (1938-2013), playwright, scholar, polyglot. GPD's birthday falls on August 2, and the talks will run through August and early September.

Why under 50? Because these are not learned lectures by experts of long standing, nor flights of imagination from rookies. These are talks by artists, intellectuals and activists who've been around a while, who have a wealth of experience, who have their opinions, often strong, and who are open to exploring new ways of thinking, working, and engaging with the world. We think this would be a nice tribute to GPD, who, even as he was a sort of 'guru', remained, right till the end, young, free thinking, and intellectually curious.

Speakers in 2014

Aug 7: Vidya Shah (singer)
Aug 8: Ashwini Deshpande (economist)
Aug 21:Vineet Kumar (journalist and blogger)
Aug 22: Anurupa Roy (puppeteer) 
Aug 28: Anurag Saxena (trade unionist)
Aug 29: Amar Kanwar (artist and filmmaker)
Sept 4: Sanjna Kapoor (theatreperson)
Sept 5: Ramu Ramanathan (playwright)

Smita Vats at the GPD Under 50 Talks, 2014

Speakers in 2015

Aug 7 : Shoojit Sarkar (film maker)
Aug 8 : Vijoo Krishnan (activist)
Aug 14 : by Vishwajyoti Ghosh (graphic novelist)
Aug 21 : Samina Mishra (film maker, writer, educator)
Aug 22 :Jonatan Stanczak and Faisal Abu Alhayjaa (The Freedom Theatre, Palestine)

Vishwajyoti Ghosh at GPD Under 50 talks, 2015