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The Embassy of the State of Palestine'Delhi's Welcome for the Freedom Theatre, 12 Nov 2015, New Delhi

The Embassy of the State of Palestine gave a welcome reception to the Freedom Theatre, Jenin on 12 Nov 2015 in the
presence of a large number of supporters. The Embassy supported the initiative of Jana Natya Manch in Inviting the
Freedom Theatre for the Freedom Jatha. The Ambassadors of Palestine, Cyprus and Egypt were also present.

Amir and Ambassador
Brijesh reading poem
Embassy reception 1
Embassy reception 2
Embassy reception 3
Embassy reception 4
Embassy reception 5
Embassy reception 6
Feisal and Ambassador
Feisal speaking
Ibrahim and Ambassador
Ihaab and Ambassador
Komita speaking
Orijit Sen and Ambassador
Osama and Ambassador
Osama reading poem
Renin and Ambassador
Samaah and Ambassador
Sanjna Kapoor reading poem
Yousef and Ambassador