Jana Natya Manch

Aurat was first done in 1979, and remains one of Janam's most successful street plays. Janam continued performing this play for more than 20 years after it was first done, and the play has also been translated extensively into a large number of other languages. Versions of the play have also been done in Pakistan, Nepal and Bangaladesh. The play has an episodic structure, and it begins with Safdar Hashmi's Hindustani translation of the Iranian school teacher Marzia Ahmed Oskoui's poem, "I am a Woman."


Scene 1. A little girl is prevented from attending school by her father.

Scene 2. The girl is now slightly older, and is married off.

Scene 3. The girl is now older, has a child, and is physically abused by her husband.

Scene 4. Another young woman, middle class, educated. She wants to get admitted to college to styudy physics instead of Home Science.

Scene 5. The young woman is harassed as she goes to college.

Scene 6. The woman is harassed at a job interview.

Scene 7. In a factory, a woman worker is overworked, underpaid an ultimately fired by the owner. Other workers come to her support and go on a strike to demand her reinstatement.